Our Story

We are a Melbourne based, family owned & operated branding exposure business who provide a comprehensive branding solution for any organisation or individual.

292 Creative was founded by myself, Luis Garotti and my wife Giacinta Spadaro in October 2016 as a side hustle in our little unit based in Mill Park. I have been in the printing industry since I was old enough to go to work with my dad at the family run printing business, which was founded by my grandfather when he migrated from Italy.

I found love in creating graphics and designing for brands while spending time with the graphic designers who worked with my dad. At the age of 15 I took my career into my own hands and started creating websites and logos for small businesses that my family would refer to me. While studying Graphic Design at RMIT in 2011, I began my journey in the design, printing, signage and vehicle wrapping industries. Working at reputable digital / offset printing and signage / vehicle wrapping organisations, the knowledge I have gained in the last 10 years is now fully utilised in 292 Creative.

Who We Are
Our Mission

Your brand, Exposed. Isn’t just a tagline, it’s our mission.

At 292 Co. We help our clients maximise their business or personal brand exposure.

For businesses this is achieved with creative physical branding, sky’s the limit when it comes to the possibilities of how we can expose your business to your target audience.

We believe that every person is their own brand. Even if you don’t own a business – you are the owner of yourself.

We specialise in 2 key areas of personal branding:

– Helping car enthusiasts expose their personal brand through automotive styling & protection.

– Displaying personal brands in event celebrations with custom event signage.

Contact us today and let us help your business or personal
brand stand out!

Luis Garotti

Co-Founder & Director
Core Values
Why Choose Us

These are the values that our organisation is built on and what we live by. If you're a current customer with us then you've had a chance to see who we are and what we're about. We are dedicated to our mission to help our clients stand out with creative branding and are passionate about giving our customers the best products and services we possibly can.

Customer Satisfaction

Without our customers we do not exist, we are loyal to our customers and their satisfaction in our work. We strive for our customers to be 100% satisfied with every project completed.

High Standards

Our standards are at the top, where they should be. We aim to provide the highest possible quality in any of our products or services.

Build Relationships

We believe in creating relationships with our customers. It's not just "business", we create lasting friendships and provide trust in the who you're dealing with at our organisation.

Always Learn & Stay Humble

Although we are confident in our skills and ability, there is always more to learn. We take the time to become better for ourselves and our organisation. Learning is essential to growing as individuals and as a team. We practice humility when it comes to our own progress and accomplishments and give credit to people who make our successes possible.

Be Accountable

We're accountable for our performance, actions and choices. We don't shift blame on to others, we take full responsibility when there is an issue identified; and take it upon ourselves to do the right thing.

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